A Work Place for Poplar

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The brief for this project involved converting a disused 240m2 shop space into a co-workspace for the business support charity, the London Small Business Centre [LSBC]. We worked closely with LSBC and Poplar HARCA to detail the main objectives for the project, primary of which was to ensure that a minimum number of desk spaces could be comfortably incorporated into the existing space.

In order to accommodate the required number of desk spaces, an ambitious solution was proposed – to create a void in the floor to connect the ground floor and basement. A bold move for sure, but one which afforded light and ventilation to the basement, enabling it to become a habitable space. The void was an innovative solution which proved to be central to the success of the project.

  • Type: Office
  • Client: Poplar HARCA
  • Collaborators: Symmetrys, Christopher Pendrich Photography
  • Size: 150m²
  • Location: Tower Hamlets
  • Budget: £150,000