A Maze for a Museum

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Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this project was an installation which was situated in the Museum of London foyer and featured brightly coloured doorway structures. Each structure is intended to serve as a visual representation of a particular Sherlock case by evoking symbols and motifs which create different iterations of the famous front door at 221B Baker Street.

Visitors are invited to don a deerstalker and then observe, touch and walk around these curious structures in a bid to unlock their significance and decipher their stories. Sean and Stephen oversaw the total budget for the project including designer fee, fabrication and graphics installation.

  • Type: Public
  • Client: Museum of London
  • Collaborators: White Wall Company, Christopher Pendrich Photography
  • Size: 6m²
  • Location: London
  • Budget: £25,000 (D&B)