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Who We Are

We are an architect practice and a construction company rolled into one. We design and build home improvement works, extensions, basements, sustainability-focused renovations in London, where our office is based.

We tend to work on projects with 'all in budgets' between £150k and £1.5m. We can design for anywhere though our building teams commutes need considered before we can commit to offering to build your project too.

More about us

We are an architecture practice driven by adventure and passion, who work mostly on private residential and commercially-motivated projects, most often around North, East and South London. In 2019 we incorporated our construction company that builds our design projects. We have six team members and we’re growing.

You may know our House with a Slide, this and other projects are covered in magazines, and regularly published online. For us, our studio is a home away from home.

Pencil and Brick is the collective name for our architect practice and our construction company. We're based in East London.

Our work ranges from domestic extensions and multi-unit residential developments through to affordable co-working spaces, permanent public artworks, temporary museum installations, and high street regeneration projects.

"I would happily recommend this professional practice to family and friends"  Lauren and Ben, Private Domestic Clients, House with a Slide

"I would recommend Sean and Stephen and would consider using them again for future projects.” - Sam Neal, Programme Manager of Physical Regeneration, A Totem for Walthamstow

The Team : Seán McAlister, Ollie Warren, Matt Barry, Jana Kruger, Salvatore Provenzano, Helly Mcalister

Past Members : Stephen Mackie, Emilia Golebiewska, Gary Nash, Jade Tang, Lotta Paulus, Michael O'Donnell, Maija Viksne, Toby O'Connor, Tom Parry

Pencil and Brick Architects Ltd. is a RIBA Chartered Practice.