A House with Siberian Larch

Exterior extension 28 roden street-9 28 roden street-18 28 roden street-14 28 roden street-38 28 roden street-34 28 roden street-26 28 roden street-41 28 roden street-43 Master Bedroom 28 roden street-27
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Our project A House with Siberian Larch is a full house refurbishment with an extension to a Victorian home in Highbury, North London. The project opens up the ground floor to a beautiful garden and allows lots of light into the new extension. New elements like the steel support have purposefully been left exposed to contrast the original elements of the building. The project combines the existing and the new to create a modern family home.

  • Type: Private, Housing
  • Client: Private Individuals
  • Location: Highbury, London
  • Budget: Private